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Mary Baker Baker, Mary
High School Counselor
mbaker@meeker.k12.ok.usView Website
Amanda Berry Berry, Amanda
5th Grade Teacher
aberry@meeker.k12.ok.usView Website
Leslie Brewster Brewster, Leslie
English Teacher
lbrewster@meeker.k12.ok.usView Website
Lora Brooks Brooks, Lora
Drama and Speech Instructor
lbrooks@meeker.k12.ok.usView Website
Sarah Bussell Bussell, Sarah
5th Grade Teacher
sbussell@meeker.k12.ok.usView Website
Mandy Campbell Campbell, Mandy
High School Secretary
Dennis Clark Clark, Dennis
History/Science Teacher
declark@meeker.k12.ok.usView Website
Donna Clark Clark, Donna
Art Teacher
dclark@meeker.k12.ok.usView Website
Kelsey Clem Clem, Kelsey
View Website
Jennifer Colvin Colvin, Jennifer
3rd Grade Teacher
jcolvin@meeker.k12.ok.usView Website
Kyle Colvin Colvin, Kyle
Math Teacher
kcolvin@meeker.k12.ok.usView Website
Karen Copanic Copanic, Karen
English/Study Skills Teacher - Lab
kcopanic@meeker.k12.ok.usView Website
June Criss Criss, June
Learning Lab Teacher
jcriss@meeker.k12.ok.usView Website
Diane Cudd Cudd, Diane
Pre-Algebra/Math Skills
dcudd@meeker.k12.ok.usView Website
April Davis Davis, April
4th Grade Teacher
adavis@meeker.k12.ok.usView Website
Ashley Davis-OSteen Davis-OSteen, Ashley
History Teacher
aosteen@meeker.k12.ok.usView Website
Judy Fletcher Fletcher, Judy
Executive Assistant
jfletcher@meeker.k12.ok.usView Website
Kathy Fletcher Fletcher, Kathy
Elementary Secretary
kfletcher@meeker.k12.ok.usView Website
Debbie  Flowers Flowers, Debbie
Pre-K Teacher
dflowers@meeker.k12.ok.usView Website
Rebecca Fowler Fowler, Rebecca
ISD Supervisor
bfowler@meeker.k12.ok.usView Website
Virgil Fowler Fowler, Virgil
Middle School Dean of Students
vfowler@meeker.k12.ok.usView Website
Lacy Friend Friend, Lacy
1st Grade Teacher
lfriend@meeker.k12.ok.usView Website
Mary  Gatlin Gatlin, Mary
Middle School Secretary
mgatlin@meeker.k12.ok.usView Website
Patricia Gatlin Gatlin, Patricia
Payroll/Encumbrance Clerk
pgatlin@meeker.k12.ok.usView Website
Jeanie Graves Graves, Jeanie
Second Grade Teacher
jgraves@meeker.k12.ok.usView Website
Karlene Gregory Gregory, Karlene
High School Secretary
kcampbell@meeker.k12.ok.usView Website
Elizabeth  Guy Guy, Elizabeth
Math Teacher - Lab
eguy@meeker.k12.ok.usView Website
William Hamand Hamand, William
Agriculture Education Instructor
whamand@meeker.k12.ok.usView Website
Pat Hargus Hargus, Pat
Drivers Ed/Okla & US History Teacher
phargus@meeker.k12.ok.usView Website
Sallie Harrison Harrison, Sallie
sharrison@meeker.k12.ok.usView Website
Mike Hedge Hedge, Mike
High School Principal
mhedge@meeker.k12.ok.usView Website
Schatzi Hedge Hedge, Schatzi
1st Grade Teacher
shedge@meeker.k12.ok.usView Website
Kathleen Henry Henry, Kathleen
English Teacher
khenry@meeker.k12.ok.usView Website
Karen Hightower Hightower, Karen
Encumbrance Clerk/Supt. Secretary
khightower@meeker.k12.ok.usView Website
Kevin  Holdredge Holdredge, Kevin
History/English Teacher
kholdredge@meeker.k12.ok.usView Website
Gina Howard Howard, Gina
Reading Specialist
ghoward@meeker.k12.ok.usView Website
Gina Howard Howard, Gina
Title I Reading Specialist
ghoward@meeker.k12.ok.usView Website
Alyssa Huff Huff, Alyssa
5th Grade Teacher
ahuff@meeker.k12.ok.usaView Website
Julie Johnson Johnson, Julie
Kindergarten Teacher
jjohnson@meeker.k12.ok.usView Website
Cheryl  Kastl Kastl, Cheryl
2nd Grade Teacher
ckastl@meeker.k12.ok.usView Website
Troylene Kinnamon Kinnamon, Troylene
Learning Lab Teacher
tkinnamon@meeker.k12.ok.usView Website
Whitney Legg Legg, Whitney
Pre-K Teacher
wlegg@meeker.k12.ok.usView Website
Pam Leone Leone, Pam
Special Education Teacher
pleone@meeker.k12.ok.usView Website
Michael McAfee McAfee, Michael
Elementary Principal
mmcafee@meeker.k12.ok.usView Website
Hilary Mendoza Mendoza, Hilary
Fourth Grade Teacher
hspears@meeker.k12.ok.usView Website
Jennifer Mlynek
Mlynek, Jennifer
Second Grade Teacher
jmlynek@meeker.k12.ok.usView Website
Kim Morrow Morrow, Kim
Elementary Secretary
kmorrow@meeker.k12.ok.usView Website
Nancy Moss Moss, Nancy
Learning Lab Teacher
nmoss@meeker.k12.ok.usView Website
Lonny Nolen Nolen, Lonny
Government/Oklahoma History/Football Coach
lnolen@meeker.k12.ok.usView Website
Stephanie Nolen Nolen, Stephanie
Fourth Grade Teacher
snolen@meeker.k12.ok.usView Website
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