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About Debbie Flowers

I believe that all children can learn, no matter the obstacles or challenges that encompass their lives.  As long as we (their teachers) believe in them, find alternative paths to learning if necessary and support their different learning styles and intelligences- students can succeed.

Why I Became A Teacher:  I became interested in teaching when my own children were very young. I loved everything about Early Childhood learning. I opened my own private pre-school, because I wanted my children to experience a developmentally appropriate pre-school experience.  After I started working with small classes of three and four year olds, I knew that I wanted to pursue my degree in Early  Childhood Education.

My Education:  I completed my Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education at the University of Central Oklahoma in 1983.  I earned my Masters in Early Childhood Education in 1991, became a National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT) in 2000 and in 2001 became a Great Expectations (GE) instructor.

Professional Accomplishments:  In 2008, I was Meeker Public School's "Teacher of the Year".  I was blessed to be in the Top 12 for State Teacher of the Year that year also.  I was honored to represent Meeker Public Schools as a finalist and will always be grateful for the opportunity and honor. 

My Philosophy:  As part of my professional portfolio as a State Teacher of the Year Finaliist, I submitted my teaching philosophy:  Love, Learn and Lead. I believe teachers must first love their students, love learning, and recognize the importance of being a positive leader for their youth.   I believe that all children can and will learn, however; it is imperative to create a classroom where patience, acceptance and dedication is practiced. A classroom community where students construct knowledge, are involved in inquiry-based learning and are instructed through brain-based activities will ensure success for all learners!

Why I Love My Job:  My education and years of experience has broadened my knowledge of various teaching theories, expanded my collaboration skills and validated my own teaching style.  By continuing to be a learner myself,I am able to build the best learning environment for my students year after year.  I am proud to be a teacher and I cannot imagine a better beginning to my day than seeing the smiles; hearing the laughter and having the opportunity To greet my Pre-K students as they walk into my classroom.  I have the greatest job in the world!  I am a teacher.  



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