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Policy Manual

pdfAE - Philosophy of Meeker Public Schools pdfAF - Educational Goals pdfBA - Authority of the Board of Education pdfBAA - Powers & Responsibilities of the Board of Education pdfBAAB - Nepotism pdfBBH - Development Opportunities: Board Members pdfBD - Organization of the Board, Five Member Board pdfBDAE-Board of Education Treasurer (Regulation) pdfBDAE-R - Board of Education Treasurer (Regulation) pdfBD-R2 - Board of Education Minutes Clerk (Reguation) pdfBD-R3 - Board of Education Encumbrance Clerk (Regulation) pdfBDD - Board of Education Attorney pdfBE - Meetings of the Board of Education pdfBEC - Executive Sessions of the Board of Education pdfBFA - Board Policies pdfBJ - Board of Education Executive Officer - Superintendent pdfBK - Line of Authority in Staff Relations pdfCD - Management of School Finances pdfCDA - Management and Investment of Funds pdfCFB - Activity Funds pdfCFB-R - Handling School Activity Fund Money Regulation pdfCFBB - Sanctioning of Parent Organizations and Booster Clubs pdfCHAH - E-Rate Record Retention and Procurement pdfCHG - Recycling Program pdfCK - School Safety Emergency Plans and Fire Drills pdfCKC - Lock Down Drills pdfCKCB - Emergency Plans and Bomb Threats pdfCKDA - Smoke Free/Tobacco Free Environment Policy pdfCL - Buildings, Equipment, and Grounds pdfCN - Transportation of Students pdfCN-R1 - School Transportation Regulations pdfCN-P - School Transportation Idle Reduction Policy pdfCNA - Use of School Bus for Non-School and Extra-Curricular Activities pdfCO -Child Nutrition and Physical Fitness Program pdfCOC - Student Breakfast and/or Lunch Charges pdfDA - Sexual Harassment pdfDAA - Nondiscrimination pdfDABB - Records Investigation pdfDBA - Teacher Assistants pdfDBAA - Title I Paraprofessionals pdfDBCA - Certified Personnel Standards of Conduct & Performance pdfDCC - Drug-Free Workplace pdfDCC-R - Use of Drugs & Controlled Substances by Employees (Drug-Free Workplace) (Regulations) pdfDDB -Release From Contract pdfDE -Salaries and Expenses pdfDEBA - Personnel Vacations pdfDEC-R1 - Sick Leave Certified Personnel (Regulations) pdfDEC-R2 - Sick Leave Non-Certified Personnel pdfDEC-R3 - Personal Business Leave (Regulations) pdfDEC-R4 - Emergency Leave (Regulations) pdfDEC-R5 - Jury Duty Service & Witness Leave (Regulations) pdfDEC-R6 - Military Leave pdfDECA - Family Medical Leave Act pdfDED-R2 - Bereavement Leave (Regulations) pdfDED-R3 - Parental Leave (Regulations) pdfDED-R5 - Professional Leave Certified Personnel (Regulations) pdfDEE - Certified Personnel Travel & Expense Reimbursement pdfDEE-R - Travel and Expenses pdfDEEC - Student Activities Expense Reimbursement pdfDEFA-R2 - Sick Leave Bank (Regulation) pdfDIAF - Hygiene & Sanitation (Bloodborne Pathogens) pdfDIAF-R - Hygiene & Sanitation (Bloodborne Pathogens) (Regulation) pdfDIAF-P - Routine Procedures for Sanitation & Hygiene When Handling Body Fuilds pdfDIAF-E1 - Dealing With Communicable Disease HIV & Hepatitis B pdfDL-R1 - Certified Personnel Time of Work Day (Regulation) pdfDMB - Professional Growth and Development pdfDNA - Teacher Evaluation pdfDNA-P - Teacher Performance Evaluation Procedures pdfDNAA - Evaluation of Administrative Personnel pdfDNAA-OAM - Other Academic Measures pdfDNAB - Evaluation of Support Staff pdfDNB - Personnel Files Certified Staff pdfDOAC - Suspension, Demotion or Termination of Support Employees pdfDOCA - Reduction-In-Force Certified Personnel pdfDPA - Qualifications Teachers pdfDPAA - Qualifications Principals pdfDPAA-R - Principals pdfDPB - Substitute Teachers pdfEB - School Calendar pdfEBA - School Hours pdfEC - Student School Day pdfEEB - Class Size pdfEEJB - Correspondence Courses pdfEFA - Evaluation & Selection of Media Center Materials pdfEFBCA - Internet AcceptableUse PolicyTerms & Conditions for Use of Internet pdfEFBCB - Network and Internet Security pdfEFD - Field Trips and Excursions pdfEHA - Basic Instructional Program pdfEHAC - Distinguished Graduate pdfEHAI - Aids Education and Prevention pdfEHAI-E1 - Attendance Waiver for Aids Prevention Education pdfEHAK - Physical Education pdfEHBB - Gifted Student Program pdfEHBBA - Advanced Placement Classes pdfEHBDB - Title I Parent Involvement pdfEHBE - Limited English Proficiency Instruction pdfEHBF - Homebound Instruction pdfEHBH - Alternative Education pdfEHDD - Concurrent Enrollment Policy Student pdfEHDF - Online Instruction pdfEIA - Promotion and Retention pdfEIA-R1 - Grading and Report Cards pdfEIA-E3 - Reading Deficiency Parent Notification pdfEIA-R4 - Student Retention (Regulation) pdfEIA-R5 - Midyear Promotion Fourth Grade pdfEIAE - Proficiency Based Promotion pdfEIB - Homework pdfEICB - National Honor Society pdfEIED - Graduation Requirements pdfEJ - Guidance & Counseling Services pdfEK-R1 - Testing Program Student Surveys (Regulation) pdfEK-R2 - Meeker High School Remediation Procedures for Criterion Reference Test (Regulation) pdfEMC - Graduation Participation pdfEMG - Animals in School pdfEMI - Minute of Silence Policy pdfFB - Sexual Harassment Students pdfFD - Student Residency pdfFD-E - Student Residency Affidavits pdfFDC - Activites & Attendance Relating to Instruction Student Attendance pdfFDD - Tardies and Absences pdfFE - Open Transfer Policy Transfers and Assignments pdfFEXX - Withdrawal From School pdfFFA - Health Services Students pdfFFA-R - Head Lice (Regulations) pdfFFACA - Medication: Administrering to Students pdfFFACA-R - Medications Given at School (Regulation) pdfFFAEA - Concussions and Head Injuries pdfFFG - Reporting Suspected Child Abuse and/or Neglect pdfFFG-E - Suspected Child Abuse Report Form pdfFL - Student Records pdfFLE - Transfer & Release of Confidential Information pdfFLF - Information Coordinator pdfFM - Student Activities Scholastic Eligibility pdfFMA - Extracurricular Activities pdfFMA-R - Extracurricular Activities (Regulation) pdfFMB, FMB-F - Activity Drug Testing Policy, Student Drug Testing Consent Form - Statement & Purpose of Intent pdfFMC - Student Clubs & Organizations Sponsors pdfFNCA - Student Conduct Dress Code pdfFNCC - Hazing pdfFNCD - BULLYING pdfFNCD-R - Prohibiting Harassment, Intimidation & Bullying (Regulation) pdfFNCD-P - Prohibiting Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying (Investigation Procedures) pdfFNCD-E - Harassment/Bullying Incident Report Form pdfFNCE - Reporting Students Under the Influence and/or Possessing Alchoholic Beverages or Controlled Dangerous Substances pdfFNCGA - Weapons - Free Schools pdfFNG - Wireless Telecommunication Devices pdfFO - Student Dicipline pdfFOC - In-School Detention pdfFOD - Student Suspension pdfFOD-R - Sudent Suspension (Regulation) pdfFP - Students: Fees, Fines, and Charges pdfFP-R - Students: Fees, Fines, and Charges (Regulation) pdfGBA - Open Records Act pdfGBC - Media Relations and News Releases pdfGFB - Employee and Student Grievance Policy pdfGJ - School Visitors pdfGJ-P - School Visitors (Grievance/Appeals Process) pdfGJBA - Student Recruitment Access to Students and Directory Information pdfGK - Use of School Facilities pdfGK-R1 - Use of School Facilities (Regulations) pdfGK-R8 - Fax Machine pdfGK-E1 - Request for Use of School Facilities pdfGK-E2 - Agreement to Hold Harmless and Indemnify