Bulldog Spotlight

Troylene Kinnamon has been with Meeker Schools for 34 years. She is a High School Special Ed teacher.

Mrs. Kinnamon has been married to Michael for 45 years. She has one daughter and two grandchildren. Her greatest joy in life is spending time with her grandchildren as they are always full of new ideas to try. She also treasurers her students and says between them and the grand babies they keep her going.

When Troylene is not in school she likes spending time outside doing whatever the seasons allow.

When Mrs. Kinnamon grows up she wants to get a few horses and cattle to enjoy. She wants to share her love for animals with her grandchildren and thinks this would be the greatest way to enjoy her retirement. She and her husband look forward to visits from current and former students. She has her front porch ready for that.

Mrs. Kinnamon’s dedication to her students has been inspirational and we are so happy to have her here with us at Meeker.