Susan Miller

Congratulations to Susan Miller!

Susan Miller is retiring from teaching full time after 32 years in education. 

Susan has been married to her husband Greg Miller for 32 years and they have 3 girls Macy, Shelby and Bayli. In her free time she likes to plant flowers, attend concerts, watch ball games, and travel with her husband. She is blessed to be a part of a wonderful church family at Mammoth Baptist Church. In the future she looks forward to spending more time on the family farm with her mother and patiently waiting for grandkids.

Susan graduated from Meeker High School in 1985. She had a wonderful high school experience so she loves walking the halls of Meeker everyday reliving high school memories. After graduating with a degree in math ed, her early years were spent teaching math at the high school and middle school level and coaching basketball and track. She earned her master’s degree in school counseling and then spent 19 years as a high school counselor/district test coordinator. According to Susan, the best part about being a high school counselor was “helping students choose and research careers and helping them match up with the right career tech class or college.”

Mrs. Miller has spent the last four years of her career at Meeker middle school teaching math and coaching high school and middle school basketball and softball. “Teaching at Meeker has been the highlight of her career,” she said. She loves her home community and preparing middle school students for high school algebra. She likes embracing her “inner math nerd” every day. Her best memories have been running into high school students and listening to them tell her why they miss her class. She also likes watching the athletes grow and progress in the skills they have learned in middle school athletics. Her overall goal in math and coaching is to “create a positive experience for the student/athlete so that they are not afraid to try and fail or try and succeed.

Don’t worry, Susan plans on teaching half days for five to ten more years.

Thank you Susan for your dedication to the kiddos. We are thankful to have you in our Meeker family.