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As part of a school safety initiative, effective 9/17/18, all doors at Meeker Public Schools will be locked. You will have to gain access into the school by communicating through a telecom system. This system is located at the main entrance of each school building. All visitors must check in at the main office. Thank you for your cooperation.


This website provides information about upcoming events for the whole district as well as the individual sites. It also provide links to the Gradebook Program, Wengage, and other websites throughout the year that have beneficial information for parents and students.

If you are new to the district and are not familiar with our gradebook program, make sure you have a password to access your student's account to keep up with their assignments and cumulative grade for each class.


The teachers' and administrators' email addresses and phone numbers are listed in the directories. Please do not hesitate to communicate any suggestions, concerns, or words of appreciation that you might have.

Oklahoma School Testing Program

The Oklahoma School Testing Program (OSTP) now has a Parent/Student Portal for you to access your child’s test scores. You will see scores for grades 3rd through 8th. In order to log in to the portal, you will need your child’s State Testing Number (STN) and birthdate. The STN can be found on the front of your child’s test result paper or you may contact the school for the STN. The link for the portal is below:


The purpose of the OSTP is to assess students in their mastery of the Oklahoma Academic Standards. In addition, the test results can be used to guide curriculum decisions at the district and school levels and to direct teaching at the classroom level. Every student enrolled in a tested grade level in an Oklahoma public school must participate in testing. If you have any questions concerning the information provided, please contact your child’s school office at 405-788-4540. If you are concerned about the performance of your student and wish him or her to receive tutoring or opportunities for remediation, please contact John Bolander (405-788-4540) with any concerns you might have.

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